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A special touch

Protea flowers represent courage, diversity, change. Their native in Australia & South Africa, but can be found in other regions of the Southern Hemisphere. My client for this job took on a lot of changes, and courage as they packed up their family from South Africa 🇿🇦 and moved here to the US. I really wanted to bring a little bit their home into her new dwelling, & I think this was the right way to do it. She loved the special thought & touch added to the drawers. This piece was painted in a mix of @generalfinishes Klein & China Blue, top coated in GF’s High PerformanceTC in Flat. I stripped the top, sanded, then applied @minwaxusa penetrating stain in Early American. I lightly cleaned the hardware and used Rub’NBuff to polish them up. What a bright, eye catching, lovely solid wood piece this is. I may just recreate something like this for myself! #lilysfrillies #furnitureflipper @lilysfrillies #solidwood #SouthAfrica #protea #nativeflowers

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Work in Progress

Nightstands painted in Driftwood paint. Will be glazed soon, so this is not the finished look! Stay tuned!


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